VoyShip : Shipping from Abroad Through Travelers
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incorporated in The Netherlands , operating in Egypt
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About the Startup:

VoyShip is a crowd shipping platform launched in Egypt in 2021, aims to empower shoppers to buy and ship their items through travelers heading to their destinations, saving 60% of money and time consumed in alternative international shipping ways and helping travelers making extra money out of their free luggage space.So far they delivered more than 2000 shipments, they have 125k+ revenue, ongoing deals with 40 SMEs in Egypt.

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Management Team:

Muhammad El-Gohary (CEO / Founder)

With more than 7 years of experience, Muhammad started his career in the diplomatic field on different levels, starting with the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Egypt, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, and the Government of Dubai, Muhammad found his passion in travel which was a part of his job, more than 100 international trips and so many shipments he moved from different cities serving individuals and small business entities based on his frequent trips and crowd shipping concept. Muhammad also has several years of experience in the E-commerce business as he founded in 2017 with Muhammad El-Hadad Records Gallery which is now one of the most acknowledgeable records retail websites in GCC and the region with average yearly sales of 300K Saudi Riyals.

Eslam Yousry (COO/ Co-Founder)

Eslam has 6 years of experience in sales & customer services, British council Egypt, with main duties for managing the customer services team, ensuring the compliance of provided services for customers with the council's excellence standards Bavaria EG., filled a position of key-accounts sales specialist in which was responsible for meeting the sales targets, retaining VIP clients and acquiring new clients.

Mahmoud Abdullah (CTO / Co-Founder)

Mahmoud has been working in network connectivity for more than 12 years He has an excellent technical experience which includes participating in the Egyptian Mega projects in digital transformation via his work in Vodafone as well as his experience in other Companies such as TEdata and Etisalat Misr.

Ahmed Mahmoud (CMO/Co-Founder)

Ahmed has 14 Year Experience in Strategic Management Working in Saudi Arabia in both Public and Private Sector. Curtly working in Mobily in Strategy and Market Research. Ahmed has been using crowed shipping since 2019, as he is a weekly traveler between Riyadh and Cairo he managed to cover his weekly travels and make profit by 35% more than travel expenses.

Mohammed El-Haddad (CFO / Co-Founder)

Mohammed has a 13 year experience in accounting, especially corporate accounting in both Egypt and KSA. Worked for 2 years at Imam Mohamed bin Saud University and currently at the Capital Tower Co. For trading & Contracting. Mohammed co-founded and managed Records Gallery since 2017 in Saudi Arabia.

Problem and Opportunity:

There are millions of travelers, who have free luggage space, and are eager to cover their travel expenses.

And there are even more shoppers globally who have difficulty obtaining the goods they need from abroad.

Voyship is a crowd shipping mobile app that helps travelers to cut travel costs and make money by helping global shoppers obtain the items they need from their travel destination.

What makes our startup unique?

Providing cheaper faster shipping way for SMEs  Enabling travelers to save money, enabling expats to see their families more often.                                      Prime shopping &Shipping service. 60 % Less time and cost in international shipping International Hubs can receive shipments every day.

Go-to-market plan:

Our marketing activities are mainly digital, as our platform, thus we are performing:

● Branding activities

● Direct sales activities

● Content marketing

● SEO activities

● Influencer marketing activities

Traction & Milestones:


125K$ Revenue

2000+ Delevered Shipments

40+ deals with SMEs

100K $ Bootstrapping from investors

65K $ from angels and accelerators

700K $ In-kind services from Startupbootcamp Amsterdam accelerator

2 Acceleration program , Mint in Egypt, Startupbootcamp in Amsterdam

Investor Role Play


500K$ by June 2023