Delivery anything on the sea.
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About the Startup:

Sealivery, delivers anything, within one hour, on the sea. Via a very simple app, clients can place orders and get them delivered, through Sealivery riders, directly on board their boat on the sea. Sealivery was launched in 2021 in the Italian of Ponza and is now looking to expand in the Mediterranean sea locations.

Business Stage:

Pre-seed/seed stage

Management Team:

3 Co-founders, with a great passion for boating. Eraldo, the CEO, has experience in Investor relations and ESG. Fabio Massimo, the CTO, is an experienced management consultant. Vittorio, the COO, has experience in Finance and M&A.

Problem and Opportunity:

Sealivery offers boaters the possibility to enjoy their holidays on the sea with comfort and relaxation. No need to go back to the marinas to pick your supply, no loss of time and gasoline, no stress. Sealivery can deliver all your needs to you in a click.

What makes our startup unique?

Sealivery is among the pioneers of delivering on the sea. Sealivery is the only player present in the location where it was launched and its management is passioned about the boating market. Compared to the few competitors, Sealivery has a multi products and services offering and on demand & speedy delivery service.

Our go-to-market plan:

Sealivery was already launched in 2021 in Italy and is now expanding in multiple locations through a franchise model, enabling a faster scale-up. Sealivery is also building strong partnerships with skipper, charters, shipyards and Yatch rentals to increase the customer base and order volumes. Sealivery earns from partners commission fees, sponsors fees and clients delivery fees.

Traction & Milestones:

In just 4 months of operations, Sealivery managed to sealiver 450 orders, with an average order value of €90 and a gross revenue of €50k. In 2023 Sealivery will be present in multiple Italian locations and in 2024 it will expand also in Europe.


Angels/accelerators funds sum up to c. €75k


By January 2023, Sealivery needs €300k to be mainly invested into personnel, fleet, software and marketing.