The smart transportation platform for entertainment providers.
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Founded in:
May 2022
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About the Startup:

Transportation solutions are available only in the center of big metropolis, while outside of those few areas, people still resort to drunk driving, which is causing, only in the EU, 10.000 deaths each year.

Concerts, Discos, Festivals, and sports entertainment providers risk their reputation being damaged if a drunk driving-related car accident happens nearby and, in addition, they are leaving money on the table by not offering a safe way of transportation to their customers.

We developed a Mobility as a service platform that enables entertainment providers to offer transportation to their event anywhere in a range of 150KMs.


Business Stage:


Management Team:

Giorgio Giotto - CEO and CoFounder- Bocconi Alumnus 2019 MsC in Management - previously Shopper Support Lead in EverliAfter an internship in Esselunga as a Business Process Analyst, I joined Supermercato24 (now Everli) as a City Manager, during the pandemic, he crafted from scratch a fully online process on shoppers' recruiting and onboarding, increasing by 10 times the onboarding velocity, I started from scratch the Shopper Excellence team and since Summer 2020 I lead a team of 25+ agents responsible for managing the problematic orders. I decided to work on Gluebus after one of my best friends lost his life due to drunk driving.

Giovanni De Francesco - CTO and CoFounder - Università degli studi di Trento + University of Sarlaand alumnus, IT engineer, Tech lead Supply EverliJoined Supermercato24 ( now Everli) in 2017 and then got promoted to Tech Lead Supply. He has led a team of 10 devs and he is responsible for developing the shopper app.

Nicola Rossi - Social Media Manager - LABA University - Marketing and Graphic Design

Giacomo Pisa - Digital content producer - HDEMIA University - New technologies

Problem and Opportunity:

Especially late at night, in big city suburbs and in middle cites and towns, Uber and public buses are not available, and taxis are difficult to find and very expensive.

And that directly impacts event organizers. They have less revenue because their customers drink and then avoid going to an event if transportation is not available. And even when parking is available it is never enough.

Some people will still drink and drive if they can’t find affordable and convenient transportation. And so, a lot of partygoers resort to drunk driving, and that is directly impacting the event organizers’ reputation.

In fact, 10.000 people each year die due to drunk driving and that’s why we created Gluebus—to make drunk driving obsolete.

What makes our startup unique?

We are the first one developing a MaaS software for events, we leverage network effects and connections with the event organizers to secure the market from competition.

Go-to-market plan:

Direct Marketing to CEOs and partnership directors of Discos, Festivals, Concerts and Sporsts Clubs

Referral program With partners already onboarded

Content strategy

Traction & Milestones:

Luanched in February 2022

49% MoM average revenue growth

16 partners onboarded

In 2 different areas: Brescia and Bergamo

September 2022: selected by Startupbootcamp

November 2022: 30K seed angel round


10.000€ February from founders, 15.000€ from Startupbootcamp, 30.000€ from Business Angels


400000€ until June 2023