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We create a safe place to share and facilitate participation in the sharing economy by providing a secure mobile software solution.
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About the Startup:

EcoBeam GmbH is a company that provides a mobile software solution called Buddyp2p, which is focused on offering sharing economy services. Starting with  parking sharing, where homeowners and businesses can offer their unused parking space in exchange for money, allowing people coming from outside the city, to have more access to affordable city parking. By improving resource allocation, P2P can lead to a cleaner environment and more efficient use of resources. An increase in occupancy per unit results in a greener future.

Business Stage:

Just Launched in Hamburg

Management Team:

Leon Nagel is the CEO & Co-founder of EcoBeam GmbH - Currently, Studying Bachelor in Business management and comes from a family business background, and he is from Hamburg, Germany.Weiji Zhang is the COO & Co-founder of EcoBeam GmbH- Currently, Studying Bachelor in Business management and comes from a hospitality business background and he is from SiChuan, China.

Problem and Opportunity:

There are numerous parking houses/spaces in city centers that people require, but they are extremely expensive for them, and they are left with no choice but to pay for them as there are no other options unless they park very far away. Moreover, those who sometimes spend 15 minutes trying to look for a cheaper alternative, can't find one, because there is none.

On the other hand, there are many parking spaces from homeowners and businesses in the city center that aren't utilized throughout the week, implying that if they could be made available to the individuals in need, it would help to solve the problem.

What makes our startup unique?

Buddyp2p is the sharing economy in one APP. This means that we will make it possible for users to be able to access all their sharing economy services in one environment and that with a really easy usability.

Secondly, we are putting trust, security and functionality first, we are monitoring the license plates and identifying users ID's as well as other security features to make sure payments are guaranteed, and the service works in practice.

Thirdly, with our software, it is possible for homeowners to be 100% flexible with their listing of the parking spaces. If you just want to list your parking in 5 minutes for 1h on a Thursday evening, then do it! 100% flexibility for Homeowners.

Go-to-market plan:

We will focus on Google Ads, since we validated that our lead costs are the lowest there.

We will launch in Hamburg, Germany, focusing on only specific areas in which the density of either Homeowners or Parking space renters is high.

With Google Ads we will try to get in contact with our target persona, by being present on navigation platforms like Google Maps, travel/ booking sides like and online newspapers, since that is what our personas are using.

Traction & Milestones:

pre-seed 180K, Running MVP, First paying customers


pre-seed FFF round of 180k


We are looking for a convertible of 200K at a valuation cap of 2M.

We are planning to start to raise this December2022/January 2023.