Hyper-local real time insights for Road conditions.
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Focus Industry:
Road Transportation

About the Startup:

Alamance is creating smart infrastructure monitoring through automation and machine learning that can make for a better world for road networks and operators. Using Alamance allows our roads to be more efficient and safer for us all.

Many Asset Managers are deploying LiDAR and cameras to collect terabytes of point cloud and imagery data, but they struggle to use this data to its full potential due to sheer volume, so a smarter way of interrogating point cloud data is needed.

Alamance’ s AI intelligently interprets road point cloud data, normalising linear & GPS references and understanding the entire context of the corridor-wide detail to deliver accurately classified data for asset monitoring purposes.

Alamance’ s fully cloud based solution for road condition monitoring software ingests the classified data and delivers analysis and reporting, providing increased accessibility and defect awareness across the network. This enables more more efficient operations and safer roadways.

Business Stage:

Early stage, pre-seed.

Management Team:

Manoj Dolli, co-founder 30 years of corporate experience within the ICT sector,  He has worked in senior roles with Honeywell, Lucent Technologies, Telstra and start-ups like Telenity Inc. prior to co-founding Xlerate Technologies (2007) which was a telematics hardware and software company.  In 2018, after an IP trade sale to establish Picobyte Solutions Limited who are the current tolling back office and front office software providers for Electronic Road User charges to New Zealand’s Ministry of Transport.

Anand Upnal, co-founder has over 24 years of experience in technology, architecture and enterprise technology leadership, He has been focused on the software insurance vertical for 15 years and with the last 6 years leading Cynosure as a co-founder to a an exit via a trade sale. His expertise lies in driving innovation and leading complex scalable change across enterprises.

Problem and Opportunity:

For roading asset owners and maintenance providers who lack real time data of the condition of their roading assets the Alamance Roadsense is a predictive road condition service to help detect hazards in near real time and maintain their assets to optimum condition. Unlike the conventional data that is gathered by annual specialised survey vehicles fitted with laser profilometers, our product utilises IoT sensor fusion technologies and AI/ML software to provide predictive insights in a software as a service model.

What makes our startup unique?

Our experience in working with regulators like in NZ and connects with Infrastructure maintenance companies gives us a unique edge over other similar ventures as we recognise we are the only solution that can combine hardware, Ai software expertise to deliver our unique real time road condition system.

Our go-to-market plan:

We have established strategic alliances with channel partners who are incumbent in department of transportations of countries and direct enterprise in-roads with large Roading contractors and fleet management software companies who will act as a indirect channel.

We have LoI for PoC from contractors and enterprises in North America and Australia/New Zealand. In Europe, we are establishing channel partners like Webfleet.

Traction & Milestones:

We have developed prototype models and established strategic alliances, letters of intent from prospective enterprises to trial the solution in the field. In the next 6 months, we intent to deliver a PoC.


We have bootstrapped until now with founders funds.


500,000 Euros by end of 2022